Rabbani Muhammad

Principal at Rabbani Muhammad Architects, AIA, NCARB Firm, Florida

Biography of Rabbani Muhammad

Rabbani Muhammad, Professor (Ret.) from Florida A&M University, School of Architecture and Engineering Technology. Principle at Rabbani Muhammad Architects International AIA, NCARB Architectural firm; Licensed in several states in the USA. Lecturer, Topics in History, Social Sciences and, Scientific and Environmental Topics. Artist- painter, Researcher/Traveler Architectural venues, Writer-poetry: Businessman, CEO of Blackseed International LLC of Melbourne Florida; Importer of The Original Blackseed Oil of Ethiopian labeled as “Abyssinian Platinum the Original Blackseed Oil of Ethiopia”. Professor Muhammad has traveled to well over 40 countries throughout Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, North America and the Caribbean Basin. Professor Muhammad has won many teacher of the year and other awards in the Construction Engineering Technology program, Division of Engineering Technology at Florida A&M University.

Professor Muhammad was one of the first two indigenous Muslim from the United States of America to have been selected to teach at the famous Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah Al Mukaramah, in the department of Islamic Architecture. While living in Saudi Arabia for nine years he designed many types of buildings, commercial and residential in Makkah. Professor Muhammad has lived in Makkah and Madinah al Munawara and made Hajj three time and Umrah a multitude of times.

Professor Muhammad Graduated from Harvard University, Howard University, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology with degrees and diploma in Architecture and Engineering Technology. He was instrumental in help establishing the first University of Islam Engineering School at Temple No.4  in conjunction with Howard University in Washington D.C. under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad (ra).and Minister /Imam Dr. Lonnie Shabazz(ra).

 The Professor join the then Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad (ra) in 1973 and is a student of Imam W.D. Muhammad (since the first day of his becoming the leader of the then Nation of Islam in 1975). Professor Muhammad had the privilege of accommodating Imam Muhammad to Roma to meet His Excellency, Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

Professor Muhammad has designed many Muslim community projects, Chicago, Ill, Washington, D.C., Columbia, S, C., Miami, Fl, Jacksonville, Fl, St. Petersburg, Fl. Charlotte, N.C., New York, N.Y, Cleveland ,OH, Georgia, Houston ,Texas etc.,  in addition to Imam W.D. Muhammad’s(ra) house extension in Markham, Ill. as well as other projects for the our communities throughout the United States that will help foster and promote our community’s develop mission mandate.

Presently, Professor Muhammad is the CEO for The Blackseed International LLC, Importer of Blackseed Oil from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and other products from Africa. The purpose of establishing BSI’s   business model is meant to promote a method of sustaining our Elderly our Youth and our Imams that have restricted and no incomes. The business model of BSI is to import, bottle, and create distributors using the same model that Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Imam W.D. Muhammad CPC with modifications on distribution, profit-sharing and promoting dawah, combating community blight by using the Imported Fish model. Our motto is to combat those who sell death in our communities with a product (s) the promote life by opening a gate way to your good health and lifestyle. Our bottling Plant is in Melbourne, Florida 

Imam Rabbani Muhammad, resides in Tallahassee, Florida and has offices in Tallahassee and has five adult  children and five grand children all Muslims.