MeLisa S. Collins

Author, Non-Profit Director

MeLisa Samia Collins has been working in the Social Service field for over 25 years with a strong passion for helping young girls in the areas of Personal Development. She began her career path by obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1995 from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio and has completed a Master’s degree in Human Resources with a specialization in Non-Profit Management.

In 2004 MeLisa founded the AS I AM Girls Club, a non-profit (501 c3)organization for girls ages 11-18 and began using her personal and professional experiences to work with teen girls.

In 2012 MeLisa, under the pen name Samia, MeLisa published her first book When I grow up I want to be a Prostitute.  In 2013 Everything I want you to know for the rest of your life (a teen’s guide when leaving home). And in 2014 Emily’s Rage.  Each book focusing on the diverse needs of young women including discussions about sex abuse and assault, anger management and independent living.

Currently MeLisa resides in Cleveland, Ohio and is actively involved as the Director of the AS I AM Girls Club, writing, facilitating open discussion and speaking.

For more information on how to have MeLisa come speak at your organization or event, she can be reached at 216-395-4475 (girl) or by email at: