Rabbani Muhammad

Principal at Rabbani Muhammad Architects, AIA, NCARB Firm, Florida

Biography of Rabbani Muhammad Rabbani Muhammad, Professor (Ret.) from Florida A&M University, School of Architecture and Engineering Technology. Principle at Rabbani Muhammad Architects International AIA, NCARB Architectural firm; Licensed in several states in the USA. Lecturer, Topics in History, Social Sciences and, Scientific and Environmental Topics. Artist- painter, Researcher/Traveler Architectural venues, Writer-poetry: Businessman, CEO of Blackseed International LLC of Melbourne Florida; Importer of The Original Blackseed Oil of Ethiopian labeled as “Abyssinian Platinum the Original Blackseed Oil of Ethiopia”. Professor Muhammad has traveled to well over 40 countries throughout Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, North America and the Caribbean Basin. Professor Muhammad has won many teacher of the year and other awards in the Construction Engineering Technology program, Division of Engineering Technology at Florida A&M University. Professor Muhammad was one of the first two indigenous Muslim from the United States of America to have been selected to teach at the famous Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah Al Mukaramah, in the department of Islamic Architecture. While living in Saudi Arabia for nine years he designed many types of buildings, commercial and residential in Makkah. Professor Muhammad has lived in Makkah and Madinah al Munawara and made Hajj three time and Umrah a multitude of times. Professor Muhammad Graduated from Harvard University, Howard University, Pennsylvania Institute of Technology with degrees and diploma in Architecture and Engineering Technology. He was instrumental in help establishing the first University of Islam Engineering School at Temple No.4  in conjunction with Howard University in Washington D.C. under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad (ra).and Minister /Imam Dr. Lonnie Shabazz(ra).  The Professor join the then Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad (ra) in 1973 and is a student of Imam W.D. Muhammad (since the first day of his becoming the leader of the then Nation of Islam in 1975). Professor Muhammad had the privilege of accommodating Imam Muhammad to Roma to meet His Excellency, Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. Professor Muhammad has designed many Muslim community projects, Chicago, Ill, Washington, D.C., Columbia, S, C., Miami, Fl, Jacksonville, Fl, St. Petersburg, Fl. Charlotte, N.C., New York, N.Y, Cleveland ,OH, Georgia, Houston ,Texas etc.,  in addition to Imam W.D. Muhammad’s(ra) house extension in Markham, Ill. as well as other projects for the our communities throughout the United States that will help foster and promote our community’s develop mission mandate. Presently, Professor Muhammad is the CEO for The Blackseed International LLC, Importer of Blackseed Oil from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and other products from Africa. The purpose of establishing BSI’s   business model is meant to promote a method of sustaining our Elderly our Youth and our Imams that have restricted and no incomes. The business model of BSI is to import, bottle, and create distributors using the same model that Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Imam W.D. Muhammad CPC with modifications on distribution, profit-sharing and promoting dawah, combating community blight by using the Imported Fish model. Our motto is to combat those who sell death in our communities with a product (s) the promote life by opening a gate way to your good health and lifestyle. Our bottling Plant is in Melbourne, Florida  Imam Rabbani Muhammad, resides in Tallahassee, Florida and has offices in Tallahassee and has five adult  children and five grand children all Muslims. 

Kalimah McKeaver

Recipient, Black WallStreet Award

Rasool Malik

Rasool Menswear, Miami Florida

MIAMI, Fla. – Rasool’s Menswear is a family owned and operated business in Miami, which was established by Rasool Malik and his loving wife, Guana B. Malik, in 1985.

Rasool’s, the store, began as an urban store of 600 square feet and 24 years later has evolved into a 6,000b square feet wall-to-wall “men’s paradise.”

Rasool’s has more than 500 different styles in shoes, designer suits, men accessories, casual wear, street and urban wear. Currently, Rasools has become a well-known landmark within Florida, serving Miami with their great spirits and Islamic values.

The second son of modest, working-class parents, Rasool Malik was born in 1953 to William K. Mickens and Aline White, in the beautiful city of Miami. “Building a strong foundation was a difficult challenge, and I could not accomplish it without a mentor,” says Rasool.

“I give thanks Allah for Imam W.D. Mohammed for his spirit-filled teachings that helped me to establish my life with my wife of 26 powerful years, Guana B. Malik. We have been blessed with eight business-driven children. Al Hamdullah (Praises be to God).”

He says that at one time up to three generations of family members worked in the store. His daughters – Aquila, Gloria and Guana Taheerah – have all worked in the store, though having degrees and businesses of their own.

Rasool says, “The deal we make is simple; we all work hard so that the business thrives and that allows us to take care of the family – like putting our kids through college. We all have to do our share to take care of the business that takes care of us.” Sometimes a work day may be 12 hours but it is a labor of love and enjoyable.

Rasool explains that he and his wife started their first business venture in 1979. “We opened a 24-hour restaurant called Steak, Fish & Takes. We did our best to employ many Believers. In 1980, we opened a mall named Bilalian Mall, which housed various business stalls. Following the mall venture, we opened a second restaurant that following year in 1982.”

When business got tough in the restaurant industry, the Rasools decided to downsize by opening a hot dog cart business in 1983. To their surprise this venture was very lucrative, and they had a total of eight successful hot dog carts on the streets of Miami.

In 1985, their first strip mall was built with 10 beautiful store fronts. The project cost approximately $375,000. Most of the labor was performed by African American contractors and sub-contractors.

“Because the rent we collected was low, we could not meet the mortgage and other expenses, so we went on to try our hands at a Halal Meat Store. But it needed more Muslims support in order to succeed. Unfortunately, we were forced to go back to the drawing board,” Rasool says.

“Over the years, we pursued other business ventures, which included a second restaurant business and a beauty supply store. It wasn’t until 1985 that we finally found our niche in the retail industry. Thus, the birth of Rasool’s, men’s clothing and shoe boutique,” he says.

Now, more than 20 years later, the store Rasool’s has become a household name throughout South Florida and is one of the most sought after boutiques for fine men’s apparel and also along the east coast. There is also the Rasools online store at www.rasoolsonline.com

Nasif Majeed

Member of NC House of Representatives

Nasif Majeed is a member of the NC House of Representatives District #99 in Northeast Charlotte.  He is a businessman, community leader and served for eight years on the Charlotte City Council.  Majeed has served on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission, Charlotte Housing Authority Board and the North Carolina Commission on Education for Economic Growth.   He is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University earning a BS in Business Administration and a Masters in Agricultural Education.  He is a decorated United States Air Force combat pilot.  Majeed was a Captain and Aircraft Commander of a B-52 Strategic Bomber, flying over 120 combat missions over North Vietnam.  He later was a pilot with Piedmont Airlines, now American Airlines. He was the Aviation Director for the Nation of Islam in Chicago and worked with Imam W Deen Mohammed to establish the American Coalition for Good Government, a national political education organization under his leadership. Majeed is the former owner of a Burger King franchise located in Charlotte.  For fourteen years he served as a Clinical Chaplin with the North Carolina Department of Corrections.  Majeed is an Assistant Imam at Masjid Ash-Shaheed in Charlotte.   He is the father of four children and seven grandchildren.   

MeLisa S. Collins

Author, Non-Profit Director

MeLisa Samia Collins has been working in the Social Service field for over 25 years with a strong passion for helping young girls in the areas of Personal Development. She began her career path by obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1995 from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio and has completed a Master’s degree in Human Resources with a specialization in Non-Profit Management. In 2004 MeLisa founded the AS I AM Girls Club, a non-profit (501 c3)organization for girls ages 11-18 and began using her personal and professional experiences to work with teen girls. In 2012 MeLisa, under the pen name Samia, MeLisa published her first book When I grow up I want to be a Prostitute.  In 2013 Everything I want you to know for the rest of your life (a teen’s guide when leaving home). And in 2014 Emily’s Rage.  Each book focusing on the diverse needs of young women including discussions about sex abuse and assault, anger management and independent living. Currently MeLisa resides in Cleveland, Ohio and is actively involved as the Director of the AS I AM Girls Club, writing, facilitating open discussion and speaking. For more information on how to have MeLisa come speak at your organization or event, she can be reached at 216-395-4475 (girl) or by email at: melisasamiacollins@gmail.com

Joe Dudley Sr.

KeyNote Speaker, Co-founder of the Dudley BeautyQ+

I was labeled mentally retarded. They told my mother I would never be nothing.” Joe Louis Dudley Sr. was held back twice by the time he reached the 11th grade, but he never gave up, because of something his mother Clara Yeates Dudley told him: “Prove them wrong, Joe,” and he did. Dudley went on to eventually earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro. It was clear that failure wasn’t an option for Dudley. In 1957, Dudley was living in Brooklyn, New York. He invested $10 in a Fuller Products sales kit in 1957, and began selling hair care products door-to-door in African-American neighborhoods. He turned that $10 investment into a multi-million dollar empire called DudleyQ+Brand. He and his wife, Eunice Dudley, used The Fuller Products door-to-door sales strategy to build their own empire. The company produces a number of beauty items and has trained 30,000 cosmetologists from around the world; he’s become one of the world’s most sought after entrepreneurial masterminds. Joe and his company was featured in Chris Rock’s 2009 documentary “Good Hair,” the company is one of only a handful of African-American-owned companies manufacturing hair products for the African-American community. The company has been listed in the top 50 in Black Enterprise Magazine’s Top 100 Black Owned Businesses. Throughout his tenure, Dudley Cosmetology University in Kernersville, and 4 strategically located schools in the Dudley Beauty School System (DBSS) were created. He received President George Bush’s 467th Point of Light Award for Dudley Fellows and Ladies Program; he was inducted into the DSA Hall of Fame, and is the author of “Walking By Faith, I AM, I CAN, & I WILL! The Story of How Joe L. Dudley, Sr. Walks by Faith” and the list goes on. Joe Louis Dudley’s influence is undeniable. “Mr. Dudley told me my goals weren’t big enough. What I learned is to step it up and strive for more. Set the bar high to achieve a greater goal,” said Randall K. Smith, Dudley distributor in Atlanta, Georgia. Ursula Dudley Oglesby, daughter and now president of Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC, said, “My father has taught me to never give up. We teach our customers that no matter what obstacles come your way, to keep fighting & to be persistent. As a result, one of my passions is to educate the professional about business so that they can be successful.” The Dudley brand will celebrate its 50th anniversary Sept. 23-25 in Winston-Salem during its annual Educational & Motivational Symposium, three days of hands-on and interactive classes for professional cosmetologists and cosmetology students. The event will include a Blue & Gold 50th Anniversary Gala & Show. During my interview on the Winston Salem Chronicle YouTube channel, Mr. Dudley shared a funny story, on how getting his heart broken as a child, played a big role in his success as well. For more information and to contact Mr. Dudley, call Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC at 1-888-573-8210 or email admin@dudleyq.com.

Henry Sr. Flint

CEO, Pkyscanner

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Session: Using OLRs to Accomplish Your Most Important Goals

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Dr. Nadeem Iqbal

International & National Entrepreneur

Dr. Nadeem Iqbal is the Founder and CEO of Softcorner Corporation, a business and technology consulting company in Research Triangle Area of North Carolina. A dynamic leader within the Muslim American community in North Carolina, his contributions can be felt throughout the U.S. and beyond. He is a lifelong promoter of inclusion of all communities into each other’s business and cultural activities and has done that through organizing various social, cultural, and business organizations open to all. Over thirty years ago he co-founded the Pakistani Student Association at NC State University, Raleigh, and then served as a founding member of the Pakistani American Association contributing to its vision of integrating Pakistani community in the United States. Dr. Iqbal made his biggest contribution when he materialized his ground-breaking vision of celebrating Muslim Eid as an American Holiday Event by establishing a non-profit organization "NC Eid Festival, Inc." in 2007. This organization works with the Town of Cary to celebrate Eid as "Festival without Borders" during the holiday season. He is also among the very few who laid down the foundation of the largest Islamic Centre in Raleigh, North Carolina, now serving thousands of area Muslims. He also has served in community leadership roles in various political organizations, including "Muslim American Public Affairs Council" of North Carolina and "Triangle for Obama", and is a staunch media advocate for more than twenty five years. In his professional life, Dr. Iqbal has served at Shaw University for over eight years and brought over $1.2 million to the institution for the development of Physics and Computer Science Curricula, infrastructure, and internet backbone, and for training faculty and students in the use of new technologies while worked with the CONCERT. He also served on Wake County Educational Board to build the Magnet School in East Raleigh. He also has over twenty years of experience in various technologies ranging from Software, networking, wireless products to smart electric, water, and gas metering systems. Dr. Iqbal is currently working with National Muslim Business Council to bring American Muslim Immigrant and local Muslim communities in the Triangle area to work closely to achieve economical and social goals together. On a long term basis, he is also working on his ultimate dream of building an "Alhamra Complex" in the Town of Cary that will serve as a Research, Educational, and Cultural Centre for all to create a "Two Way Street" of learning and understanding between all of us to live in peace and harmony with each other. Dr. Iqbal has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the North Carolina State University, a Master of Engineering from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan, and a Master of Science from the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

David K. Hasan

President, National Muslim Business Council

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