The Mission of the National Muslim Business Council is to:

•    Establish an association that will bring Muslim businesses and the general business community together into a collective entity
•    Develop a local partnership of networking services for the benefit of its membership
•    Promote moral excellence in America’s business life
•    Organize a business strategy to support Muslims in the state and around the country and make investments in each other
•    Strengthen and share the responsibility for community economic development and unification with an international perspective

Organization History

The National Muslim Business Council began in 1990 and was originally named the North Carolina Muslim Business Council. It started with a group of business persons coming together to establish meetings and to help others to learn about business. These persons came from around North Carolina and outside of North Carolina. The Council was meant to be an information base to help people startup a small business and work with individuals that were already in business. We established monthly networking meetings once a month in Fayetteville, NC.

In 1997, the Council sponsored the first CPC Business Conference in Fayetteville, NC. It was a great success. Imam W.D. Mohammed (May Allah forgive him his sins and grant him Paradise) conducted CPC Workshops which were successful in introducing CPC to the area. He gave a Public Address the next day at Fayetteville State University which had an attendance of over 4,000 people.

The Council’s first investment was in CPC products. From this Council, some brothers and sisters formed distributorships for CPC and other businesses. A Shea Butter factory was started in Durham, NC. Today, Dr. Douglas Diaab has his own Shea Butter factory in Burlington, NC which produces some wonderful products. In Durham and other cities around the state, some of the members established distributorships that sold CPC products such as Shea Butter, Graceline Suits, Halal Meats and Sea foods. Most of us became an active part of CPC distributorship. As a result, a collective business mind was established in the community.

In late 2006, David Hasan reorganized a group of Muslims and non-Muslims to re-establish the North Carolina Muslim Business Council. As a result, some of the members started new businesses. At the 2006 Ramadan Session, Imam W.D. Mohammed suggested that we should have a CPC Product & Service Business Conference, and David brought the idea back to the North Carolina Muslim Business Council.

In April 2007, NCMB sponsored another CPC Business Conference in Raleigh, NC. Imam W.D. Mohammed was invited to conduct one of the workshops and to give a Public Address. On Saturday night, we had a banquet and the Imam was the guest speaker. It was a very successful conference and weekend. The conference was held again in Raleigh in 2008. In 2009 it was held in Charlotte, NC and it was very successful.

The Council was very instrumental in helping the Imam to establish 35-40 CPC distributorships around the country. Today, the Council consists of a President and a Steering Committee with a focus toward continuing the legacy and the concept of collective purchasing. The business conferences will continue to be held every year.